About Us:

Apple Mac MD is a Consulting company that specializes in the support of Macintosh based Design Departments. Years of experience in the industry have allowed us to identify the common problems that afflict design departments and implement solutions to reduce them to a minimum while increasing productivity of the company's workstations. Our services range from desktop support and software training to high-end server and backup strategy solutions. Our client base ranges from individuals who need home support to Fortune 500 companies with in-house IT Departments looking to benefit from our experience.


Our Business Philosophy

Responsible Customer Service: We know how important it is for you to get prompt support when an emergency arises. We believe in the importance of excellence in the customer service industry. We strive to solve your problems as soon as possible so that your users can meet their deadlines.

Professional Integrity: In today's business world, where profit often supercedes every other consideration, we are determined to always offer the solution that is best suited and most convenient to the client. Our goal is to have a clientele that is loyal to us because they trust us.

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