Responsible Customer Service:
We know how important it is for you to get prompt support when an emergency arises. We strive to solve your problems as soon as possible so that your users can meet their deadlines.

Workstation Customization and Installation:

We standardize and workstation configuration to optimize performance of hardware and software to maximize workstation productivity.

Desktop Support:
Support of every Macintosh Operating System. We help designers feel comfortable and in control when interacting with their workstations.

Application Support:
Support of graphic applications. We solve problems that are software specific, while tutoring the user so they benefit from our experience.



Software Training:
Training, individually or in group sessions, in several graphic applications and all Apple operating systems, including OSX.

Font Management:
Support of all font management applications.
Server Management and Support:
Installation, maintenance and support of OS X Server as well as AppleShare IP in servers and RAID systems.

Back-up Solutions:
Custom design and implement a backup solutions to fit each client's unique needs.

Asset Management:
Management, archiving and cataloging of electronic assets.

Cross Platform Integration:
Integration of Macintosh workstations and servers in mixed OS environments.

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